SadBoi NFT embarks on an adventure!

Get ready for a long journey with the Sad Boi Family!

Who are Sad Boi?

SadBoi invites you to a journey where the boundaries of reality and digital intertwines with limitless possibilities. A journey both imaginative and innovative, bringing a new breath to the marketplace with unique features and physical evidence to boost up the feeling of being a part of community.

Our character will take you to his world of apes, where you will meet our Boi’s core, the things and other characters that made him the ape he is today. You will be traveling among the stars to see the galaxies, in the deserts where dunes of sand travels around you to make you feel magical, in jungles home to all rare species, epic cities crowded or deserted while breaking the 4th wall when you can see SadBoi following your favorite heroes’ trails.

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SadBoi Team

Arda Özgüç


Arda, born and raised in Izmir graduated from Chico State. He creates the world and the journey, a creator for SadBoi. When we are away from the great dimension of SadBoi, he pursues his life-long art adventure as a tattoo and comic artist.

Ahmet Seven


Ahmet, born and raised in Izmir, graduated from Celal Bayar. Transferring all his experience on various fields starting with tourism and entrepreneurship, he masterminds the process behind the SadBoi’s journey.

Metehan İğneci


Metehan, born and raised in Izmir, graduated from Yasar. Worked as an academician seems like forever, he started his own job providing collector stuff for comic books, vinyl and trading cards geeks all over the World. Provides the assistance SadBoi needs to be marketable ape.

Elif Seven

Community Manager

Elif, born and raised in Izmir while mastering the Chemicals in Ege. Pursued a career in Digital World where she meets with the possibilities non-fungible tokens in a transforming world. She communicates with the community as the herald for SadBoi and helps him a lot to be a better ape.